The psychology of a place is made by the people, if you forget the story - what happens to the place?
In 2014 I met a retired foot juggler at Showzam, Blackpool's circus festival. She showed me an image of herself as a young woman with her husband. She told me that her husband had performed for Hitler and toured the world performing. I began to consider the "hidden" stories of Blackpool, a place famous for performance and historically the destination for theatre and showmanship.

Time and Tide, The Retired Performers Project, is a series of images and audio interviews captured over 12 months beginning in January 2018. The series is created to pay homage to the people of Blackpool performance in some of the most opulent theatrical spaces in the world in and prior to 1970's. Including chauffeurs, dancers, musicians, performers and ice dancers. These are the people that made the place so.

Large-scale images will be placed in high footfall areas across Blackpool enabling cross-generational audiences to follow stories of the participants, paying homage to Blackpool's grand legacy.

Claire Walmsley Griffiths is a Photographer with a history of Fine Art practice, she graduated from Northampton University in 2001. She is currently based in Blackpool, Lancashire.