An Eventful Month

​This month has been eventful co-ordinating individuals back into spaces they performed in most notably the Tower Circus. Working around current rehearsals and taking the time for the participants of the #retiredperformers series to have the experience of going back to the place they had begun their career.

The project itself is developing through the participants involvement, who they are and what their memories evoke. I spent some time this month with Blackpool Museum at their coffee morning where I met Karl Bartoni the only person to have performed an escape act hung from his feet from the top of Blackpool Tower. Karl began his career as a Circus Boy at The Tower, looking after the horses and then the polar bears.

The series of images is making me think about my own photograph practice and I am keen to include personal archives and portraits at home of participants as it seems wrong to take participants portraits without continuing relationships. Frank Lucas one of my initial volunteers for the series, his image is due to be installed in The Winter Gardens this month, revisiting at home with the sound artist Rick Thompson.

Living room at Yuri and Tonya, May 2018
Ex Roly Poly


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Monday, 05 December 2022