June has been a wild month

​June has been a wild month for the #retiredperformers series with indication from The Grundy Art Gallery Blackpool that they would like to show some of the work alongside the Circus 250 install. I feel delighted that some of the preliminary work for The Retired Performers will be shown alongside amazing photographers such as Peter Lavery and Barnet Saidman http://grundyartgallery.com/programme/current/.

Grundy Art Gallery


Grundy Art Gallery, Blackpool. Forming a 360-degree horizon around the walls of the gallery, All the World's a Sunny Day comprises a series of collages made from found postcards, where a single word has been cut from the back and reinserted into the image on the front.

This month also included setting up exhibitions for #positionsofpower alongside a collaborative group I am in: The Disparity Collective - the work has been created with seven other amazing photographers as part of The Lightbox Residency https://www.redeye.org.uk/opinion/meet-lightbox-talent https://www.disparitycollective.co.uk/ with work to be shown at the Independent Biennial Launch in Liverpool. 

Meet the Lightbox Talent | Redeye


Redeye's Lightbox is an intensive year-long photography course, which launches the careers of professional photographers through workshops, networking sessions and support from experts in the photography industry.

June was also the month I spoke about The #retiredperformers series on Radio Lancashire with John Gilmore and one of my participants: Des Owen. You can currently see two of the large scale images installed at The Winter Gardens and The Blackpool Central Library.

If you are someone who has connections to performance in or prior to the 70's in Blackpool - I am especially interested in speaking to you so do feel free to get in touch.

I am doing a Heritage Talk at Grange Park on the #retiredperformers series 24/07 at 5pm and a talk with the curator of The Grundy Art Gallery Paulette Brien on the 28th. Love to see you there.

An intermediate conclusion
Living room at Yuri and Tonya, May 2018


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