Living room at Yuri and Tonya, May 2018

II went on a photography workshop to London in Peckham with some photographers I really admire, the workshop was around social history. It made me really think about why I am doing this series, one of the things that both that workshop and a recent fellow photographers exhibition highlighted to me was how I should be thinking about how to get "inside" the project. It reminded me that I needed to photograph around the series more and more. Meeting the participants to go through scrapbooks and have cups of tea at their homes if they would let me. Photographing personal artifacts and objects that might indicate a hidden life of performance. 

The process of getting to know past performers and their histories feels strangely intimate and somehow intrusive as a photographer to listen to memories and capture an image, I want to pay homage and demonstrate a sense of respect through the photographs. Peoples stories are the most interesting of all. How does photography open up a conversation?

June has been a wild month
An Eventful Month


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Monday, 05 December 2022