Antoinette and Yuri Gridneff

Yuri: My parents were the Amazing Gridneffs who did a seven-handed ladder act at the Tower, The first year they did it in 1938 my mother wasn't with them as I was being born. I got interested in being in the act around 1944 by then I was 6, I had started to practice on the ladder.
Tonya: My dream was always to be a dancer and when I was 12 I got into a professional pantomime when I came back I joined Corona Academy. I did lots of things, a bit of TV, Film but my love was dancing.
Yuri: We did various summer seasons and came back to The North again and adapted our act which was not as spectacular but more entertaining. I remember one act at where we did the unsupported ladder act and people are just sat at the tables having a drink, nothing, nothing at all. Suddenly there was a murmur and the crowd came alive and she started patting me on the head because my head had caught on fire. We took 7 curtain calls as they kept calling us back - so we got their attention at least.